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Fillpartner develops the right tank accessories for filling machinery. The Combihandle-Chainsaw is the latest product and is indispensable if you work a lot with chainsaws!


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Fillpartner develops

filling accessories and tank-related solutions


Fillpartner makes the fuelling of machines cleaner, safer and easier. In 2011, Fillpartner brought the Autofiller for the Aspen 5-litre jerry can onto the market. Every day, worldwide, tens of thousands of machines are filled with Aspen alkylate petrol. A smart fuelling solution thus offers an answer for many users. The Fillpartner Autofiller is now used on other jerry cans that have the same screw thread as the Aspen jerry can.


A new product has recently become available from Fillpartner. The Fillpartner Combihandle-Chainsaw. A system specially designed for people who work a lot with chainsaws. Petrol and chainsaw oil in a single carrier, with room for files and other tools.


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We have specially designed the Autofiller and the Combihandle-Chainsaw to make your working day safer and easier!



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