Indispensable when working
with a chainsaw

Petrol and chainsaw oil in a single carrier, with room for files and other tools.


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Clean and safe
The oil bottle is easy to top up separately and then slide back into the Combihandle. No more spillage from overfilling, and you comply with all the regulations!



Fast and efficient
Replace the empty petrol can with a full one. So no more overfilling! This is safer and saves time and spillage. What’s more, you will never mislay the Autofiller again, because it is secured to the main bracket.


Lifelong use
The new petrol jerry can is furnished with the obligatory UN approval number, which means that, unlike combi cans, you don’t have to replace the Combihandle every 5 years.



Everything at hand
There is a holder for storage of two files, a spark plug wrench and the cap of the petrol jerry can. And a storage compartment for loose items such as a chain or other tools. An accessory holder for carrying hedge trimmer and brush cutter tools is being developed.




1. Empty Aspen demo jerry can

Replace this with a full 5-litre jerry can of alkylate petrol. Place the jerry can in the baseplate of the Combihandle. You open the Combihandle by lifting the main bracket with the Autofiller (that is the fast filler secured to the main bracket) to the upright position.

2. Autofiller

Open the Aspen 2 jerry can and place the cap in the purpose-built compartment at the side of the Combihandle. Lock the main bracket, which positions the Autofiller on the opening of the Aspen jerry can. Next, tighten the Autofiller onto the jerry can.

3. Oil bottle with spout

Push the green locking slide of the main bracket forward and pull the oil bottle upwards, so that it slides out of the Combihandle. Fill the oil bottle with chainsaw oil and return it onto the Combihandle.

4. File holders

Place your files in the holders on the side of the Combihandle. Almost all types and sizes of files can be stored here.

5. Spark plug wrench holder

The body of the Combihandle has a special holder for the spark plug wrench. Click your spark plug wrench into this. When you want to take it out again, first slide the oil bottle out of the Combihandle for easy access. This is made clear in the instructional video.

6. Storage compartment

Use the storage compartment for carriage of a spare chain or other tools.

Refuelling tip: pull the Autofiller neck down once before you start refuelling. This relieves air/vapour pressure from the jerry can and prevents spillage.

We have specially designed the Autofiller and the Combihandle-Chainsaw to make your working day safer and easier!



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